INDIANA―Conservative political action committee Indiana First PAC announced new poll numbers for the Governor's race in Indiana, the poll numbers show something different than that publicly released, but not proven by the Indiana GOP. "We received a call this week by a source inside the GOP who obviously wishes to remain anonymous," Caleb Shumaker said. "in this call it was mentioned that two polls were conducted both showing different outcomes." One poll according to the source had Eric Holcomb up by +2. and the other had Donald Rainwater up by +2. The information provided did not mention the standing of Democrat Woody Myers or the margin of error. According to some this is no surprise as many are upset with Governor Holcomb's shutdown, and the mask mandate which still has not been lifted across the state. "Many conservatives have left Holcomb, that is no news," Shumaker said. "We are upset with Holcomb and would of liked to see a conservative challenger, but I am not so sure that electing a candidate whose party is pro choice is the answer either. While Governor Holcomb has failed conservatives when it comes to over reach, it can not be ignored that as we speak abortion rates remain low in Indiana." The information provided contradicts the polling mentioned by GOP officials in recent interviews. However, to this day the party has still not released any official internal polls. "Holcomb is running, and he is campaigning hard. Maybe this is true, time will tell come November 3rd." Shumaker said. "I think the Holcomb campaign should level with voters and release real polling numbers." Indiana First PAC has not endorsed any candidate in the Indiana Governor's race, but has however mentioned and suggested that conservatives who are really upset write in Attorney General Curtis Hill.


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